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Let’s keep this as short as possible shall we... My name is Ethan Connor Hobson, I was born right in the little town of Tawas, Michigan on July 2, 1991. Sadly, when I came into this world my heart was not beating, but I was a fighter from the beginning. I survived and my parents had a 11lbs. 26-inch newborn, (I’ve always been big yes.)

My childhood got rough sometimes with the constant bullying, but it helped me. At an early age I started to develop my mind more, I knew these things led directly to my actions and those around me. I enjoyed the normal things of being a kid though. Playing with friends, building forts, running through the woods with stick guns. My small-town life was great though, close people and great friends created a very family-oriented atmosphere. My high school years were mostly spent working on school and furthering my mind to the world around me.

Which brings us to today, still in my hometown of Hale, now a loving father of two, and man to the woman of my dreams. Still standing a towering 6’5. After high school, I held various jobs, working my way up the ladder. But I found something that also intrigued me, politics, so I started to study at 18. Once again, I wanted to know the true world around me. So now here I sit almost 12 years later, and the information I’ve learned over time is mind numbing. If you ever want to know something, simply follow the money. I’m done sitting in the background, it’s time to take a stand up and be a patriot. I want to help get our country back to its roots, the way our founding fathers intended for it to be. I’m a fighter, always have been, and now I want to fight for all of you. Together, we will show that we will no longer tolerate their malicious intent. We will let them know that this is our country, We The People have the power.

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